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It’s time to make some noise Food Dat Nation! It’s time for our Food Dat community to come together. Time to rally. Time to unite as the 12th Man on this field of unknowns. The teams in this COVID-19 match are fighting for the ultimate win — they are fighting for our lives. As the 12th Man, we can provide the nourishment and the fuel they need to do it. They need our support now and for the long haul. This is what the Food Dat Nation Response Plan is designed to do. This is who we are. We will provide meals for frontline workers, medical staff, EMS and other first responders, police, and military as well as the homeless and civil and elected teams as they deal with this ongoing COVID-19 response. Each of us has a crucial role to play. We know that each of us are facing challenges. Struggles we could never have imagined just a few short weeks ago. We also know the best way to stay in this game is to keep playing — especially if you’re playing to help someone else.

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up to do what you do best; create delectable, healthy meals.
  • We, through the generosity of The New Orleans Fish House in conjuction with BAMA Sea Products, deliver fresh, raw seafood, at no cost for you to prepare.
  • You generously use your culinary skills to prepare delicious creations, package them for delivery, and wait for us to come and pick them up.
  • We deliver the meals, but together we deliver so much more. We deliver sustenance for the soul in every meal prepared with care, donated by our culinary community, as we come together in unity.
  • We are the Food Dat Nation. We will make noise. We will come together to sustain our teammates as long as we need to because we are in this together. We are one team. We are the Food Dat Nation.
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